SundaySound – Übersicht

SundaySoundIch habe auf Youtube Playlists mit meinen bisherigen SundaySounds erstellt, falls jemand da nochmal durch hören mag.
I have created playlists at Youtube. There you find all previous SundaySound if you like to listen to them again.

SundaySound – Gesamtplaylist (Youtube)

Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #1 – #25
Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #26 – #50

Songs #1 - #50
No. Songtitle Artist
01 Thank you for the Music ABBA
02 Skyrim Dragonborn Lindsey Stirling feat. Peter Hollens
03 Misty Mountains Peter Hollens
04 The chosen ones Dream Evil
05 Früher war alles besser Saltatio Mortis
06 Hector’s Hymn Hammerfall
07 Drink Alestorm
08 The Eldar Blind Guardian
09 The Love From a Dead Orchestra Versailles
10 Angus McFife Gloryhammer
11 Yindy Fiddler’s Green
12 Colour me in Rea Garvey
13 We are the Metal Law
Sanctified with dynamite
Majesty/Powerwolf: Live at Oberhausen
14 Der Teufel hat den Schnaps gemacht (International) Schandmaul
15 Happy Christmas (War Is Over) John Lennon
16 Santa Claws is coming to town Alice Cooper
17 ´Zat You, Santa Claus? Louis Armstrong
18 Little Drummer Boy Pentatonix
19 The Last Goodbye Billy Boyd
20 It’s a new year Phineas and Ferb
21 Blutsbrüder Harpyie
22 Another Brick in the Wall Pink Floyd
23 Out Of The Dark (Metal) Hardbox feat. Paul Bartzsch
24 Vodka Korpiklaani
25 We drink your blood Powerwolf
26 Frühling (Spring) David Garrett
27 F.E.V.E.R Ordan Ogan
28 Hold The Heathen Hammer High Týr
29 Elvenlegions Elvenking
30 Gäa Oonagh
31 We are young Fun feat. Janelle Monáe
32 Aufen auf! Oomph
33 Easter song CBU University Choir
34 To Hell And Back Sabaton
35 Don’t Stop Believin Journey
36 Eye Of The Tiger Survivor
37 Any Means Necessary Hammerfall
38 失翼の聖域 (Shitsuyoku no Seiiki) Diaura
39 It’s a sin Pet Shop Boys
40 강남스타일 (Gangnam Style) Psy
41 Zombie Cranberries
42 Armata Strigoi Powerwolf
43 Firework Katy Perry
44 Step It Out Mary Na Fianna
45 Surfin‘ USA Beach Boys
46 Army Of The Night Powerwolf
47 Bay Of Pigs Civil War
48 Energia Russkaja
49 Epic Movie Themes Bottle Boys
50 Dreamer Ozzy Osbourne
Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #51 – #75
Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #76 – #100

Songs #51- #100
No. Songtitle Artist
51 ニッポン饅頭  (Nippon Manju) LadyBaby
52 Universe On Fire Gloryhammer
53 On My Way Jonathan Young
54 Zach’s Song OST: School Of Rock
55 Vier Finger für ein Halleluja J.B.O.
56 Rise Of The Chaos Wizards Gloryhammer
57 In the Shadows Beyond the Black
58 Waka Waka Shakira
59 Will O‘ The Wisp Blackmore’s Night
60 Romance ADAMS
61 Ode to Joy (Flashmob) Simfònica del Vallès
62 Let it Go Brian Hull
63 Keep On Galloping Korpiklaani
64 The Chest of Deadman Beorn
65 Inis Mona Eluveitie
66 O Fortuna André Rieu
67 Guardians of Asgaard Amon Amarth
68 Into the Legend Rhapsody of fire
69 Science Wars AsapSCIENCE
70 Ich will Rammstein
71 Over the Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
72 Age-Age Money LadyBaby
73 Witch Doctor De Staat
74 I’m blue (Cover) Trash Yard Trio
75 Crying of the Sun Metalwings
76 Space Oddity David Bowie
77 Honey, I’m good Andy Grammer
78 Nemo Nightwish
79 Shut Up And Dance Walk the moon
80 Ghostlights Avantasia
81 You Lift Me Up Mikey Wax
82 The Bard’s Song Blind Guardian
83 Try Everything Shakira
84 Sturmgesang Vogelfrey
85 Once My Light Sirenia
86 Blackguard Stever
87 Heartseeker The Unguided
88 「空から零れ落ちる100億の光」 Black Gene For the Next Scene
89 Ohne dich Rammstein
90 Another Day in Paradise Phil Collins
91 Wind Of Change Scorpions
92 Rhythm is a Dancer Snap
93 Mr. Vain Culture Beat
94 Cotton Eye Joe Rednex
95 Conquest of Paradise Vangelis
96 Gangsta’s Paradise Coolio
97 Barbie Girl Aqua
98 Bailando Loona
99 Mambo No. 5 Lou Bega
100 Piece Scargot
Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #101 – 125
Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #126 – 150

Songs #101- #150
No. Songtitle Artist
101 Devil in the Tower Dark Moor
102 The Lost Battalion Sabaton
103 Bells of Notre Dame Metal cover Jonathan Young & Caleb Hyles
104 Shiroyama Sabaton
105 What does the fox say Ylvis
106 So lang die Fahne weht Montreal
107 Everything is awesome OST: The LEGO Movie
108 Personal Jesus (Live) Marilyn Manson
109 A Man With A Plan Korpiklaani
110 The Science Love Song AsapSCIENCE
111 Pirate Kasalla
112 Heathens Twenty one pilots
113 The Sound Of Silence Disturbed
114 Spirits The Strumbellas
115 INCOMPLETE Girugamesh
116 Our Time Now Plain White T’s
117 J.R.R. Tolkien vs George R.R. Martin Epic Rap Battles of History
118 Shamisen vs. Taiko unknown
119 Human Rag’n’Bone Man
120 Life Finds A Way Helion Prime
121 Don’t be So Shy Imany [Filatov & Karas Remix]
122 #santaclara Emily Roberts
123 India Waale OST: Happy New Year
124 Footloose Kenny Loggins
125 Sanctified With Dynamite Powerwolf
126 Beyond The Matrix Epica
127 Childen of the Smith Blind Guardian
128 Fallen Brother Kreator
129 In My Sword I Trust Ensiferum
130 Dark Lord Funk KFaceTV
131 Jeck Yeah! Brings
132 Bringer Of Pain Battle Beast
133 Thunderstruck (Cover) 2Cellos
134 Dance With the Dragon Dark Sarah feat. JP Leppäluoto
135 All About Us t.A.T.u.
136 The Others Miyavi
137 Healed by Metal Grave Digger
138 Der Osterhase Julien Bam
139 Shojo S Scandal
140 „SWALLA“ – Jason Derulo in 10 STYLES Julien Bam
141 Gunman Ordan Ogan
142 Rasputin Boney M.
143 Burning Soul Matenrou Opera
144 High Noon Intro OST: High Noon
145 Disney Villains Medley Peter Hollens feat. Whitney Avalon
146 Epona Eluveitie
147 Spell Block Tango Todrick Hall
148 For Those About to Fight for Metal Ensiferum
149 Numb Linkin Park
150 War Edwin Starr
Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #151 – 175
Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #176 – 200

Songs #151- #200
No. Songtitle Artist
151 Come with me to the other side Ordan Ogan
152 Moulin Rouge Kamijo
153 London Calling The Clash
154 Satans Fall Saltatio Mortis
155 Shape of you (cover) Peter Hollens feat. Anthony (Ten Second Songs)
156 No Roots Alice Merton
157 Blind And Frozen Beast in Black
158 The Eagle flies alone Arch Enemy
159 Until Eternity Blackbriar
160 Hakuna Matata (Metal-Cover) Leo Moracchioli feat. Rob Scallon
161 Was ist hier los? Eisbrecher
162 Mirage Lindsey Stirling
163 Rollin‘ Girl Hatsune Miku
164 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Lindsey Stirling
165 Grand Beatbox Battle Wildcard CODFISH
166 Winter Wonderland Tony Bennett
167 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Elmo & Patsy
168 Carol of Bells Mormon Tabernacle Choir
169 Progressive Christmas Carols Paint
170 Silent Night Peter Hollens feat. Mario Jose
171 Despacito Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee
172 The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World Steindi
173 Dancer and the Moon Blackmore’s Night
174 Uptown Funk Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
175 Deliver Us (Cover) Caleb Hyles und Jonathan Young
176 Like Orpheus Orphaned Land
177 Jabberwocky Erutan
178 This is war 30 Seconds To Mars
179 Federkleid Faun
180 Frei zu sein In Extremo
181 Moskau Dschinghis Khan
182 Resist And Bite Sabaton
184 Omni Mundi Creatura Helium Vola
185 Bacchus Corvus Corax
186 Ne Leiche SDP feat. Sido
187 Where Red Paints The Ocean Paddy and the Rats
188 Barada Russkaja
189 Thunder Imagine Dragons
190 Trickster D’spairsRay
191 Barcelona Ed Sheeran
192 Make a Man out of You (Kantonesisch) Jackie Chan
193 Havanna Pentatonix
194 Raula Shah Rukh Khan
195 Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend Powerwolf
196 Born to Be Epic Equilibrium
197 The Bad Touch Bloodhound Gang
198 Vokul Fen Mah (Original Skyrim Bard Song) Peter Hollens feat. Malukah
199 Party Rock Anthem LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock
200 Zuhause Fynn Kliemann

Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #201 – 225
Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #226 – 250

Songs #201- #250
No. Songtitle Artist
201 Wind Naruto OST
202 Wasted DJ Tiësto
203 Try Everything (Google Translate Sings) Malinda Kathleen Reese
204 The Garden Of Earthly Delights Apocalypse Orchestra
205 Henkselipoika Korpiklaani
206 Everwinter Frozen Crown
207 Believe Cher
208 Killers With The Cross Powerwolf
209 Nosferatur Kamijo
210 Thumb rise again JAM Project
211 Tik Tok Ke$ha
212 Gladiator Warkings
213 Hellfire (Cover) Peter Hollens
214 Bella Ciao (Original)
215 Bella Ciao (Remix) Florent Hugel
216 Bella Ciao (TriGo) TriGo
217 Bella Ciao (DJ Ötzi) DJ Ötzi
218 Sweet Devil Hatsune Miku
219 Yuve Yuve Yu The Hu
220 Merry Christmas Everyone Shakin‘ Stevens
221 Little Drummer Boy Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
222 Ich bin Pyro Knalltraumafeuerwerk
223 We three kings Blackmore’s Night
224 Tausend Mann und ein Befehl Oomph!
225 Stossgebet Powerwolf
226 Dance Macabre Ghost
227 Deine Schuld Die Ärzte
228 Schunder-Song Die Ärzte
229 Lasse Redn Die Ärzte
230 Waldspaziergang mit Folgen Die Ärzte
231 Loreley Lord of the Lost
232 Spiel mit dem Feuer Saltatio Mortis
233 Black Empire Anthem
234 Ategnatos Eluveitie
235 Deutschland Rammstein
236 What Does The Drone Say Viva La Dirt League
237 Feuer Faun
238 Klingon Style Diverse
239 Gloryhammer Gloryhammer
240 Bismarck Sabaton
241 Radio Rammstein
242 All is one Orphaned Land
243 Isäni ääni Marko Hietala
244 PONPONPON Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
245 Mjolner, Hammer of Thor Amon Amarth
246 Diggy Diggy Hole Wind Rose
247 Pompeii Bastille
248 Thekenmädchen Versengold
249 Das ist Berlin Endlich Augus
250 Heartless Scat Ningen Isu

Youtube-Playlist: SundaySound #251 – 275

Songs #251- #275
No. Songtitle Artist
251 Wer lässt die Sau raus?! J.B.O.
252 Schubsetanz Feuerschwanz
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