SundaySound #51 – Nippon Manju


Immer wieder sonntags *sing*
(That’s a line from an old German pop song by Cindy & Bert)

Today I’m very late. Because of this and because of today’s song:

Just no comment…

Last sunday I started a little raffle. No one entered it.
So I decided to prolong the raffle.

Here are the conditions once more:

Answer my question in a comment and you can win a CD worth of 10€.

If you win you tell me which CD you like to have. I will buy it and send it to you – indifferent where you live. You just have to leave a valid E-Mail-Adress – and the answer of my question – with your comment.

So here is my question:

Which Sunday Sound do you like most till now and why?

The raffle will end on August the 22th (next Saturday) at 18 o’clock (German time; UTC+01:00).

So good luck and have fun! 😀

And – like always:
Rock on! \m/

Oh and here are two Youtube-Playlists with all SundaySounds:


Hat dir mein Beitrag gefallen?
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du ihn teilst:


  1. Kommentare von sklampt:

    Hm, it is pretty hard to decide which one I would say is my favorite song as all of the selected songs are so different…

    For example I realy like SundaySound #24 – Vodka or SundaySound #14 – Der Teufel hat den Schnaps gemacht (International) for my party mood.
    But i realy can’t compare them with something like SundaySound #03 – Misty Mountains or SundaySound #02 – Skyrim Dragonborn.

    But if I have to decide for one I would say I love SundaySound #11 – Yindy.
    Brings me back to a good mood everytime!

  2. Kommentare von MarcelE:

    It is indeed not easy to make a decision but I have to go with number #30: Gäa by Oonagh. I really like these celtic-infused style of music. Her songs together with Santiano are very special.

  3. Ping von {Konzertbericht} LadyBaby Live in Köln » Mein Senf für die Welt:

    […] mir das Musikvideo zu Nippon Manju von LadyBaby gezeigt, welches ich ja auch gleich mal in einem SundaySound mit euch teilen musste. Naja, als ich Esther dann dieses Video gezeigt habe, war sie gleich total […]


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